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Listing Inconveniences? How Your Real Estate Agent Can Help You Deal With Common Showing Dilemmas

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Listing your home for sale is the first step in the selling process that will make it possible for your family to move toward important goals, such as relocating to another area or purchasing another, more suitable home. But listing the home for sale also means that it must always be ready for prospective buyers to view, often on short notice.

While granting quick access to the home for showing can increase the chances of getting an offer, it can be stressful for families to deal with the potential inconveniences associated with having buyers tour the home on a frequent basis. If you are preparing to list your home for sale and concerned about the stress the process may exert on your family, here are important discussions you may want to have with your real estate agent. 

Customizing showing instructions

Often, the most problematic issue associated with showing a home involves the arrival of prospective buyers and buyer agents with very little or even no notice at all. Discussing your concerns about the showing process with your real estate agent at the time of the listing will provide an opportunity to ensure that listing instructions can be customized to help avoid this type of inconvenience. Some possible ideas to consider when creating customized showing instructions for your home to help reduce family stress can include: 

  • asking showing agents to notify you of the showing appointment a few hours before the prospective buyers plan to arrive
  • asking for a day each week when no showings will be scheduled so that the family has some uninterrupted time to relax
  • asking that prospective buyers and their agents are notified of pets in the residence so that no doors or gates are left open

You should also make sure that your agent specifies that all showings appointments are pre-scheduled to reduce the potential for unexpected arrivals that can be difficult for busy families to deal with. 

Screening of potential buyers 

Another way in which your real estate agent can assist you in reducing the amount of stress your family is subjected to while the home is actively listed for sale is to make sure that all potential buyers have been properly screened. In addition to making sure that the prospective buyer is financially capable of making the purchase, screening can also help to ensure that buyers with specific criteria will not be shown a home that is clearly unsuitable. For example, a prospective buyer with allergies may be uninterested in a home where pets reside or one that includes wall-to-wall carpeting or landscaping that has a high pollen count. 

Your real estate agent is trained to put their client's interests first, so discussing your concerns about the possible inconveniences you may face while your home is for sale is a good way to ensure that they will be satisfactorily addressed. A business like Justice Realty Group has more information.