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5 Ways To Market Your Commercial Real Estate

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If you have commercial real estate that you need to sell, you will need to market it to potential buyers who are interested in the unique property you have to offer. Marketing commercial real estate requires a slightly different approach than other types of real estate. Here are five ways to get the word out about your commercial property.

1. Online Listing

When it comes to marketing your commercial real estate property, you need to start with an official online listing. You need to get an MLS number for your listing so that it will be distributed on as many real estate websites as possible. Your broker will help ensure that your listing ends up on the right websites.

2. Broker Website

The broker that you work with should put your property up on their own website. Your property should have its own webpage on your broker's website that is dedicated to your property and includes all the highlights and information that someone would want to know about your property.

3. Email

You are going to want your broker to run an email campaign as well. They should send out emails to all potential clients they think could be interested in the property. They should also email other agents who could have clients who would be interested in your property. Email is a great way to reach out to people your broker knows have an interest in commercial property.

4. Physical Signs

With a commercial property, don't overlook the power of on-site advertisements. You will want to put up big signs around the property and tell people that it is for sale or lease.

With commercial property signs, you will want to include basic information about the property or building, such as the square footage or the size of the lot. You are going to want to include the rates you are hoping to secure for the property. Be sure to include your broker's information on the sign. Many modern commercial signs also have a QR code you can scan to access more information about the property.

5. Flyers

Finally, you are going to want to get flyers created for the property as well. You can hand these out to local businesses, mail them out to people who could be interested, or hand them to people who stop by the property. Having a flyer on hand will allow you to share information with people who want to know more about the property.

With a commercial property, you will have to go all out to reach your target audience, which is going to be small and narrow. To reach a small audience, you need to cast a wide net with your marketing so that your property doesn't sit on the market for too long. Contact a commercial real estate seller to learn more.