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How To Get Your Real Estate License During The Pandemic

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Whether you want to make some money selling houses during a red hot market or you have always wanted a career in real estate, you need to get licensed if you want to sell. Taking a real estate licensing class in person inside a crowded classroom night after night may not be the best choice during a pandemic, however. 

Do you need a license to be a real estate agent?

Yes, you do need a license to sell real estate. Each state has different prerequisites prior to taking the licensing exam, but they all require some form of classroom instruction. The Association of Real Estate License Law Officials maintains a list of state requirements and contacts here.

Is it better to take classes online or in-person?

In the past, working professionals opted to take evening classes once a week over several months in order to complete the classroom portion of their training and prep for the licensing exam. Many people, however, prefer to take an expedited route that crams all the coursework into a full week of evening classes or multiple, full-day weekend classes. 

For better or worse, the pandemic has changed those options. Online, on-demand real estate licensing is now a popular choice for many real estate agent hopefuls. You now have the option to not only study online at home but also to do so on your own time schedule.

On-demand real estate licensing schools offer classes asynchronously, meaning you can take them at your convenience, whether that be at the crack of dawn, before logging into your next virtual meeting, or in the middle of the night in your pajamas. 

What happens if you fail the exam?

Studying for the real estate exam can be tricky. In fact, many people are surprised that the content is mostly about the laws governing the sale of houses, legal terms, and legal scenarios your future clients could face. If you fail the exam, you are typically allowed to re-take it multiple times. Each state has different rules. You may be required to take additional courses before being allowed to take the exam a second or third time. 

The most important thing to remember about on-demand real estate licensing classes and about your real estate exam is to take your time studying the material and to read each question carefully before answering. Once you pass the exam, you can move forward with your bright future in real estate. Look for a group that provides on-demand real estate licensing courses.