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4 Important Details To Examine When Checking Out Online Home Listings

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In the age of the internet, homebuyers have a much easier time scoping out the many different properties that may be listed for sale in any given area. Home listings that give detailed information and accompanying images are just a few clicks away on a home computer, smartphone, or tablet.

If you are on the lookout for a new home for your family, sifting through the online home listings can get you a step ahead in your buying process. However, there are specific details that can be more important than others. While you will obviously be looking at things like price, size, and location, here are four other important details to examine in online home listings. 

Look for when the home was built. 

The age of the home is always an important factor to know as a buyer. For one, older homes can be more prone to wear and tear or may need a bit more maintenance attention. Additionally, older homes can sometimes be harder to find financing for if the property has not been updated. For example, a 50-year-old home with no modern updates such as an energy-efficient HVAC system can be less valuable in the eyes of a lender. 

Check out the heating and cooling system of the home. 

The heating and cooling system is always an important attribute to look for in home listings online. Most listings will let you know what HVAC system is installed, if the home has a certain type of heat (e.g., gas, wood, electric, etc.), and even how old the system may be. 

Pay attention to the lot size. 

The lot size is an important attribute to consider because this will give you an idea of how much property and yard you will have. While pictures are great, sometimes it can be hard to judge just how large a lot is without knowing the approximate size. As a reference, a football field is approximately 1.32 acres. Therefore, if you see a home listing with just over half an acre lot size, you will know the property is seated in a lot about half the size of a football field. 

Find out about the prior home value changes. 

While this information is not available on every home listing site, you will see property value changes on many. By looking at this information, you can see how much the property value has changed over the course of several years. If the value has continually declined, it may be a sign of something undesirable about the property.