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5 Places To Get Work Done As A Start-Up Business Owner

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Starting your own business is exciting in theory. Once you get down to the nitty-gritty of where to physically work every day, there are some decisions to be made that allow you to focus on maximum productivity.

1. Home 

Working from home in your pajamas is every cubicle worker's dream. While there is something to be said for shuffling around in your slippers while talking to clients, working from home is not for everyone, especially if there are distractions like a spouse, children, or even dirty dishes. You need a location where you can focus 100 percent on the job at hand. 

2. Coffee Shop 

Working in a coffee shop is what people picture in their heads when you tell them you are working with a start-up. While Hollywood perpetuates this notion by portraying every single entrepreneur working in a coffee shop in movies and television shows, there is an appeal to the quiet murmur of voices as white noise when you work in public places. This is another option when you are getting started with your business.

3. Coworking Space 

For those who like the vibe of a coffee shop but feel awkward about taking up space every day, there is the coworking movement. Coworking spaces are popping up in cities across America. The uber-hip, often warehouse-like spaces have a variety of places you can work, from lounge-y sofas and chairs to dedicated offices. Your monthly membership gives you the opportunity to work in the space several days a month and typically gives you access to extras like test kitchens, meeting rooms, and even recording studios.  

4. Office Space Rental 

For start-ups needing a more private location, renting office space may be the best route to take. Rental spaces can be as small as a one-room space with a shared bathroom down the hall to a suite of rooms with a private lobby. You can rent a space that fits exactly what you need now or one geared towards future growth. Experts recommend anywhere from 100 to 250 square feet per person. 

5. Office Condo 

There are many people who cringe at the idea of throwing away money each and every month on rent. They would rather put their money towards a down payment and a mortgage with the end goal of eventually owning a house. Luckily, you can use this concept with a start-up as well. Office condos fill that niche because you buy a unit in an office complex, just as you would with a residential condo. There would be a monthly mortgage payment for the typical 30 years and monthly ownership dues to take care of the grounds. 

Whether you work from home, lease an office space, or go all out and purchase an office condo depends on your individual needs and work preferences. Choose the location that works best for your needs. Contact an office space rental company like Executive Quarters for more information.