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2 Tips For Staying Organized With A Binder System While Searching For A Single-Family Home To Buy

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When you are searching for a new house to buy for yourself and your family, you may be overwhelmed with the choices ahead of you and are afraid that you may not make the right decision. One way to help overcome these feelings is to stay organized while you are conducting your search.

Use the tips below to create a binder system that will help you keep track. For this system, you will need a three-ring binder, dividers with pockets, and paper to go in each section.

1.  Prioritize Your Family's Necessities and Desires in the First Section

For the first section of your home-search organizing binder, designate it for brainstorming. During your brainstorming sessions, give a piece of paper to each member of your household so that they can write down what they want in a new house. This can include necessities, such as a laundry room or a separate bedroom for everyone, as well as desires, such as a jacuzzi tub in the master bedroom.

Once you have everyone's list, place it in the binder section, then start two master lists that include a list of necessary items and desires. You can then make copies of these lists to place in each of the sections for individual houses as described in the next section.

2.  Create a Section for Each House You Tour

The next sections of your binder are for the houses that you tour. Each house should have its own section. On the divider, write down the address, then put a copy of the listing inside of the pocket. You can also use this pocket for any pictures that you take while visiting the house.

After the binder, place copies of your master checklists for your necessities and desires, as well as extra paper for notes. While you are touring, you may want to put these pages on a clipboard to make writing on them easier then transfer the pages to the binder when you get home.

Once you have collected information about each house visit, sit down with your family to narrow down your choices to three that you would like to revisit. If you cannot come up with three to view a second time, and one of the houses you have already visited does not immediately pop out as a potential home, ask your real estate agent for more single-family home listings to continue your search.

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