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Benefits Of Buying A Single Story Home

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When you're buying a new home, you will have to make an important decision about whether to purchase a single story home or a multi-story home. While some people have a definite preference of one over the other, many people are on the fence about which type of home to buy. Single story homes have become increasingly popular, and they do have some distinct advantages over multi-story homes. Some of the top benefits of buying a single story home instead of a multi-story home include:

Easier to Age in Place

If you're an older adult or you're planning on buying the home that you plan to live in for the rest of your life, you may want to seriously consider a single-story home. Even if you're completely healthy right now, you mobility can change greatly as you age. While going up and down stairs at 40 or 45 may not be a problem, it can be much more difficult to manage stairs in a home when you are a senior citizen. When you own a single story home, you won't have to worry about potential mobility issues making it difficult to get around your home as you get older.

Lower Maintenance

In many ways, a single story home is easier and less expensive to maintain. With a single story home, you can opt to clean out the gutters yourself, or hire a professional for an affordable price. This type of maintenance is much more difficult to do on your own if you have a multi-level home, and professional services are usually more expensive. The same can be said about cleaning the exterior of the windows of your home. In many cases, having the exterior of a single family home will cost less than a multi-story home.

Better Energy Efficiency

In this day and age, most homeowners care a lot about the cost to keep a home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. When it comes to energy efficiency, single story homes are usually a much better option. With a multi-story home, the temperature on each floor can fluctuate, meaning that it can be difficult to maintain a stable temperature. The first floor of a multi-story home may feel fine in the summer, but as the heat inside the house rises, the upper level can be sweltering. Some multi-story homes have multiple HVAC units, which can be expensive to operate, while most normal size single story homes only have one HVAC unit. 

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