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How Home Property Sellers Can Stage For The Summer

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Staging is the home property sellers' best friend. Knowing how to properly stage the space can make the difference between a fast, and profitable sale, and a home that sits on the market and stales. As the weather warms, take a look at what you need to know about staging your home for a summer sale.

Keep It Light

The summer swelter is on. But your air conditioner is not. If your home doesn't have AC or the system needs an upgrade, create a light, breezy feeling of cool. Remove heavy drapery, excess quilts, or any other bulky fabric. Swap out thick or dark curtains for white or cream sheers, dress your beds with neutral colored linens, and roll away extra area rugs.

Removing clutter is another way to create a lighter atmosphere. This technique also pulls double-duty, helping to neutralize or depersonalize the space. The less your home looks like you, the more the buyer can see themselves living in it.

Keep It Cool

As you stage your home, consider what your color scheme is. Again, whites and creams create a light, neutral feel. But these aren't the only hues to choose. Look to the cool hues on the color wheel. Baby blues, pale purples, and similar tones on the walls, furniture, or bedding add a fresh feeling your buyers will sense.

Keep It Fun

If your home is a standout family space, add in some summer fun. Hang beach towels in the bathroom, strategically place water or summer-time toys in the yard, or turn the patio into a seasonal playroom.

You don't need to have a family-friendly home to add summer fun to your staging strategy. Set up your outdoor space as if you're having guests over for a backyard barbecue. Cover the deck or patio table with a gingham style cloth, create a picnic-type of vibe, or arrange an exterior party space.

Keep It Green

Summer is the perfect time for planting. Grow your garden, place potted plants along the exterior, and bring some of the greenery indoors. Fresh-cut flowers from your garden can add a pop of color indoors. Instead of cluttering your home with knick-knacks and family photos, flowers (or other plants) are an accent that won't overly distract the buyer.

Home sellers should focus on creating a neutral, fresh summer-time space. To make the most out of the season, keep the outdoor heat in mind, start with a cool color scheme,  and add a hint of summer fun. For more ideas, check out professionals like RE/MAX Four Seasons