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Additional Rental Amenities You Can Offer with Your Rental Property

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As a rental property owner, you have the potential to build equity in the property while you collect rent to cover the property's expenses. Ultimately, when your rental property makes more income than it has in expenses, your property begins to produce a positive cash flow. There are many additional services and amenities you can provide with your rental property to help attract great renters and keep them as long-term tenants. Here are some ideas of amenities you can offer with your rental property to increase your rent potential.

Offer a Furnished Rental

A great service you can offer to tenants is the option of furnishing the apartment home for them. There are many renters who will need to rent a furnished apartment due to work circumstances or other life changes and will need an apartment that has the basic furnishings. Along with basic furniture, you can provide kitchen dishes, utensils, some basic cookware, a broom and mop, towels and linens for the bathroom, and bedding.

You can buy or rent the furniture from a furniture rental company and provide them to the tenant at an additional rental fee each month. Because you will charge the tenant more than the cost of the furnishings for you, you will still make money on the service.

You can also offer to provide a washer and dryer as a rental addition with a tenant's contract. There are many renters who want the convenience of a washer and dryer in their apartment but may not have the funds to buy them outright, so they rent them from you.

Provide Regular Pest Control

Your tenants don't want to have to deal with pests in your rental property, and you don't want to have a pest infestation to remedy at your cost. The cost of removing an infestation of pests when they have become a large problem can be much more difficult and expensive to remedy than to prevent the infestation from occurring. For this reason, it is beneficial to both you and your tenants to offer a regular pest control service.

Disclose in your rental contract to all new tenants that you provide a monthly pest control service with a local professional pest control provider. Let your new tenants know that you will accompany the pest control provider into the rental if the tenant will not be home. This gives your tenant an additional value to their rent payment and allows you a chance to take care of your property.

Or, if you are interested in checking out furnished rental houses yourself, there are some options that you can consider today.