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Marketing Services Your Real Estate Agent May Offer To Sell Your Home Quickly

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A real estate agent provides many services to help you sell your home and close the deal. Since an agent works on commission, they don't get paid until the sale closes. It's in their best interest to get the sale fast so they can get paid more quickly. One thing the agent does is advertise your home so it gets a lot of exposure to potential buyers. The agent pays for these costs, so the valuable services don't cost you anything upfront. Here are some marketing methods the agent may try.

Add Your Home To The MLS Listings

Your home doesn't automatically go in the MLS database when it's for sale. Your agent has to list it and is able to do so by paying membership fees. This is an important step in advertising a home because the major real estate websites pull listings from the MLS database when they update. This puts your home on a variety of popular sites that buyers are using to search for a home to buy.

Pay For Professional Photos

The better the photos are of your home, the more they will intrigue buyers. Your real estate agent may also take photographs and videos of your home if they have the equipment and skills, but if they don't, an agent will often pay for professional-quality photos rather than rely on amateur shots that don't reflect the true nature of your home.

Stage Your Home

If your home is vacant, your agent may bring in a small amount of furnishings to make your home more alluring to buyers. This is called staging your home, and it doesn't involve completely furnishing it or making the rooms cluttered. A few nice touches such as a dining set in the dining room and a suitable sofa and chair in the living room may be all that's needed to convey a homey feel, which might be more enticing than a vacant home. If your agent has interior design skills and furniture available in storage or that can be moved from another staged home, then there may not be a lot of expense involved with staging your home. Otherwise, your agent may hire a professional stager so your home looks its best, especially for photos and open houses.

Run Print Ads

Your agent can advertise online in many places free, but when it comes to print ads, there is a cost involved. Your agent might place ads in the local paper, especially the Sunday edition for people who are looking for open houses to tour. The agent might also put ads in local real estate magazines that are left in grocery stores and other areas for people to pick up. These offer a few photos and information about your home and could draw in a buyer.

Your agent spends a lot of time and effort marketing your home for a quick sale, and marketing is only one of the services they offer. You may hate the thought of paying a commission at closing time, but an agent can do much more than you can as a private seller, so the commission is well earned. You'll appreciate the chance at a quicker sale at a price you like, plus you can estimate the cost of the commission and factor that into the selling price of your house.

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