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Will Giving Your House A Facelift Be Worthwhile When Selling?

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It is often easier to sell a house that is modern and up-to-date, as long as the asking price is in line with competition, but it can be harder to sell a house that needs some work. If your house is on the older side and needs some updates, you might be wondering if it would be worthwhile to invest in a face-lift for the house. This is a good question to ask your real estate agent, and here are several things you should know about remodeling a house before selling it.

Remodeling it may help you sell faster

The first thing to understand is that remodeling costs money, but taking the time to remodel could help you sell the house faster. The majority of people who are buying homes do not want to buy houses that need work. They would rather pay a little more for a house that is updated and is ready to move into than to buy one that needs work. Because of this, you might find that your house sells faster if you put in the money and time to remodel it.

Certain tasks pay off more than others

If you are going to remodel your home, you will need to figure out what the best things are to do to the house, as some remodeling tasks will pay off more than others. For example, remodeling a bathroom is often a good payoff before selling a house. Another good task is updating the exterior of a house. If you replace the siding, for example, you could get back around 75% of your investment. There are other tasks, though, that are hard to recoup. For example, adding another room to your home is often a task that will cost a lot more to do than the value it adds to a house. Therefore, be selective with what you do.

Getting expert advice beforehand is a smart idea

One of the best things you could do before you decide to give your house a face-lift is consult with a real estate agent. Your agent can tell you what types of things buyers are currently looking for in homes, and this could give you a good guide to follow with your remodeling efforts.

If you are not sure if you should remodel your house or not before listing it, ask a real estate agent. The agent might be able to tell you how much your house is currently worth and how much it would be worth after certain remodeling activities, and this could help you decide which route to take.

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