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2 Property Details To Consider Before You Place An Offer To Buy A Home

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As you shop for residential property for sale, there are a lot of details and information you need to research and check to help you make a good decision on a home purchase. Each home you look at may have differing floor plans, types of appliances, and built of different materials, for example. Here are two details you should check into on a home to help you make an informed decision on your eventual purchase.

Type of Roofing Material

Not all home roofs are made equal and of the same type of material. One home may have one type of roofing material and another home will have a roof made of a more long-lasting material. Some types of roofing material, such as metal roof will last longer than asphalt shingled roofs. And flat gravel and tar roofs may not last as long and will need more frequent maintenance than a clay tile roof. As you tour through a home, ask how old the roof is and what type of material it is made of, especially if you cannot determine its make-up from looking at the roof's exterior.

Also consider the roof of a home depending on the climate of the area. If the home is in a northern climate that sees a lot of snowfall, you will want a sloped roof made of darker material to absorb heat from the sun. And in a southern hot and arid climate, a roof made of lighter-colored material will reflect sunlight off the home and help reduce the home's cooling costs.

Existence and Condition of a Sprinkler System

A home that has a yard with lawn, flower beds, and other landscaping vegetation will need to be watered as part of the maintenance. The type of or availability of an automatic sprinkler system can help you keep your yard looking nice, especially if you work full time and don't have a lot of extra time to be at home to complete manual watering of your yard. And some cities have ordinances requiring you to keep your yard and lawn watered and mowed, so if it dries up from lack of watering, you can be fined for each day until it is remedied.

Ask the seller or seller's agent if there is an automatic sprinkler system installed on the property. If there is one make sure it is all working properly. If it is in need of repair or is nonexistent, you can figure this into your offer price if you choose to buy the home. For example, lower the price of your purchase offer by the cost of installing or repairing the sprinkler system.