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Home Improvements And Repairs To Make Before Selling Your Home

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Before you put your house up for sale, there are some improvements and repairs you should make. If your home is in need of repairs, or in need of too many home improvements, it could be a turn off to a potential buyer. Making these improvements and repairs could net you the full asking price of your home, or more. Read on for a list of some improvements and repairs you should make.

Home Improvements

These home improvements can range in cost to you. If the cost is too excessive, consult with your real estate agent before paying for the improvement to see if it is worth the cost. 

  1. Seal The Driveway. Sealing the driveway is not too costly to do yourself. The end result is an attractive driveway that looks brand new. A new driveway can be costly, sealing it helps protect the driveway and lengthens the life of the driveway. This can be a cost saving for a potential buyer, which could make your home more attractive to a buyer.
  2. Lay Sod. If your yard is not very plush or looks more like a field of weeds rather than beautiful grass, then laying sod may be your best bet. Sod can get expensive, but the return may be worth it. An attractive lawn can lure in potential buyers.
  3. Install A New Front Door. A new front door can make your home look clean and updated, and can add curb appeal. Also install new hardware to the door as well to finish off the look. Painting your front door a bold color will also add some appeal to your home and set it apart from the surrounding homes in your neighborhood.
  4. Update Kitchens And Bathrooms. If your bathrooms and kitchen look like they did 30 years ago when you moved in, it's time to update them. Add new hardware, faucets, and light fixtures. These may not be too costly, although a complete overhaul such as a new vanity, cabinet, and counters can really add up.

Home Repairs

If you have anything broken in your home or that isn't functioning properly, you need to make these repairs. If you can't do the repairs yourself, hire a professional to ensure they are done properly. Do a thorough inspection of your home yourself and check the following.

  • Lights. Be sure all lights are in working order. Add new light bulbs if needed.
  • Outlets. Outlets should all work properly.
  • Appliances and HVAC systems. These should all function properly.
  • Leaks. Make sure you don't have any leaks around your home. Check beneath sinks and check faucets, also look in the attic to be sure you don't have any roof leaks.
  • Cracks. Any cracks around your home should be sealed. Cracks in the foundation, cracks in the ceiling and other drywall around your home should all be repaired.

These home improvements and repairs can help make your home more appealing to a potential buyer, which in turn could result in the sale of your home for your full asking price or more. Talk to your real estate services agent about other repairs or improvements you can make.