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Pros And Cons Of Moving In With In-Laws After You Sell Your Home

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Upon selling their home, many people have another home lined up to buy, and can soon move from the former to the latter. The real estate process isn't always this simple, however, and you may find yourself in a situation in which your house is about to sell and you don't have a place to live. For many people, this scenario precipitates moving in with their in-laws until they can successfully find a house to buy. This situation may not seem optimal, but there are actually some perks to it. Here are some pros and cons of moving in with your in-laws after you sell your home.

Pro: You Don't Have To Rush The Buying Process

Having to buy a house in a time crunch is miserable. You may end up having to spend more than you'd like, or you may need to settle for a residence that doesn't really meet all of your criteria. If you've sold your house and are moving in with your in-laws, you can slow down the process of buying your next house. While you might still be eager to find the right property, you won't find yourself in such a rush.

Con: Moving Twice Isn't Ideal

Moving isn't an activity that lots of people enjoy, as it can be stressful. The idea of moving from your current home to that of your in-laws, and then moving again once you buy a house, may seem daunting. Even if you don't unpack all of your possessions when you get into your temporary living environment, you'll still need to unpack some things, and then pack them up again in a few weeks or months.

Pro: You Can Save Money

An alternative to moving in with your in-laws is to move into an apartment that you can rent monthly. Some people favor this idea, but the big downfall is that it can be costly. When you relocate to your in-laws' residence, they may charge you rent, but it almost certainly won't be as much as you'd pay in an apartment. In some cases, your in-laws may be so happy to have you that they don't charge you a penny.

Con: You May Suffer In-Law Overload

For lots of people, spending time with their in-laws is nice, provided that it's in small doses. While you might appreciate the idea of having your in-laws open their home to you, the idea of spending day after day with them could be problematic. In some situations, the close proximity may even harm your relationship.

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