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Pros And Cons Of Buying An A-Frame House

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When you shop for a house, you might have a specific idea of what you wish to buy. It never hurts, however, to broaden your search a little, including taking the time to look at house types that you might not have previously considered. Upon getting exposed to a different type of house, you might feel drawn to think about buying it, rather than go with your original idea.

One unique type of house that you may come across is an A-frame house, which is characterized by its tall and steep roof shaped like the letter "A." Evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of such a residence will allow you to decide whether it's right for you to buy.

Pro: Lots Of Open Space

Although some A-frame houses have a second story, many do not. This means that when you're on the ground floor of the residence, you have a significant amount of open space above you. Even if the footprint of the A-frame house is on the smaller side, you'll often notice that the space can feel vast because of the roominess overhead.

Con: A Challenge To Heat

If you live in a cool climate and are shopping for a house, you should know that A-frame houses can be a challenge to keep warm and cozy. Heat rises, which means that some of the heat that your furnace, wood stove, or electric baseboards produce will rise toward the ceiling, which can render the ground floor a little cool. Fortunately, ceiling fans can help to push the heat back down, thus helping you to avoid overly high heating costs.

Pro: Bright And Cheery

While some types of houses are short on natural light, you typically won't find this with A-frame homes. Because the roof goes right to the ground (or close to it) on each side of the house, builders will commonly add multiple windows to each end of A-frame houses. The roof doesn't commonly have windows in it, so the surplus of windows at each end is necessary to keep the residence bright inside. When you step into an A-frame home, you'll commonly notice how bright and cheery it feels.

Con: Open Concept Isn't Always Ideal

Although A-frame houses can have a variety of floor plans, it's common to find houses of this nature with an open-concept design. Open concept works really well for some people but may not always be suitable. Some A-frame houses are essentially one large room, and this might not work if you have teenagers, for example, who value their own privacy. Whether you choose to pursue an A-frame home or not, your real estate agent can find the right listing for you to buy.

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