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Why You Should Buy a Duplex With a Friend or Your Family

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Buying real estate is usually a good decision. If the price is right and the area is a good place to live, buying a new home is a good decision. One of the types of houses that is often available is duplex housing. Duplex housing is similar to townhomes, with two homes attached by a joined wall. If you find that a suitable duplex is on the market with both sides for sale, finding a friend or a family member to purchase with you is a good idea. Here are a few reasons why you should purchase an entire duplex with a family member or friend.

You can go away with no worries

if you have a job that takes you away or on business meetings on a regular basis, you may need someone to watch your home when you are out of town. Sometimes family can house sit and other times you may need to hire someone to check on your home during the week or longer that you will be gone. With a friend or family member living next door, you never have to worry about the security of your home. Someone from the other side of the duplex can walk over to your place and check on it daily without it taking more than a few minutes. 

You know one another's lifestyles

If you have a band that likes to practice in the garage or if your friend has several children who are active, you already know the ins and outs of one another's lives. When sharing a wall with someone, you may have noise issues that annoy one another or you may have to get used to one another's schedules. By purchasing both sides of the duplex with someone who is already intimately familiar with how you live, you skip the learning phase. It is also easier to speak to one another if you need to tone down the noise or if you need to make adjustments to your schedule that may be bothersome to the other household. 

You can make co decisions on the exterior

When it comes to living next to someone, their yard aesthetic may be much different than yours. This can cause an issue if you want to have lush, green grass and plants, while they prefer a desert-like yard with mulch. With a friend or family member, you can make co decisions about exterior design choices. This keeps the cohesive look of a duplex and allows everyone to pitch in with the front and backyard care.