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4 Ways You Can Help Your Real Estate Agent Create A Capturing Listing Of Your Home

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The first step to getting buyers interested in your home is to create a listing. Not only that, but a listing that stands apart from all the others that are out there. While your real estate agent can help you put this listing together, there are some things you will want to do on your own to help them. Here are four ways you can do this:

  1. Spend the Money on a Photographer: The first way would be to take the initiative to spend the money on a home photographer. They will capture the. beauty of the home and these photos will be used for the listing. Buyers are much more likely to take a look at a listing with beautiful, clear photos over one with grainy photos that don't capture the true beauty of the home. Hiring a photographer who works in the field of real estate will know all the right photos to take and at the right angles to truly capture the buyers attention.
  2. Point Out all the Best Features: While your real estate agent will likely know what features are best to point out in the listing, be sure to mention a few that might help them bring out a bit more curiosity from the buyer. This includes talking about the quality of schools, other features of the neighborhood that makes living there great, and the upgraded landscaping or any other upgrades that you might have made recently. 
  3. Mention Original Features: Buyers love to know about the history of homes, especially what original details of the home structure they are getting. If you know what these are, be sure that you mention them so that they can not only be photographed, but also mentioned in the listing. 
  4. ​Talk About Appliances: Buyers also like to know about the appliances that they don't have to update upon moving in. If there are any appliances that have been replaced within the past 10 years, you should bring this up and have them mentioned in the listing. This can make a huge difference in the number of buyers interested in the home. In fact, you might even consider replacing the old appliances before listing the home because it's well worth the investment. 

These are the four biggest ways you can get a real estate agent to create house listings that are much more captivating and stand apart from others in order to sell more quickly.