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Pay Attention To These Things When Selling

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If you are going to sell your house, there are different areas you want to pay a lot of attention to in order to increase the odds of a fast home sale for as close to asking price as possible. Here are three of the most important places for you to focus your attention:

Take a good look at the exterior

 When you live in a house, it can be hard to spot the things in the front of the house that need attention. Taking some pictures of the house and pulling them up on your computer can help issues stand out, so you can better see what areas need extra attention.

Start up at the roof and make sure the roof, gutters and fascia boards are all clean and free of damages. Take a look at the exterior and make sure the paint is clean and in good shape. If the paint is old, having the exterior repainted before the house goes on the market can really help give the house a fresh look. Have the bushes reshaped and trimmed if they have become a bit out of control. If your yard is lacking color, consider getting some seasonal flowers to put around the yard.

Take a look at the interior

Going through the interior of your home can be more difficult than you may think. You have become accustomed to living in your home and overlooking the things you have been living with as-is. You also may no longer be able to smell odd odors, such as those caused by pets.

Along with also taking pictures inside your home and viewing them on the computer, you can also have a relative or friend go through the house with you to pinpoint concerns you may continue to overlook. A couple of examples of things you can get used to, but should fix before selling include loose ceiling fans, broken fan cords, missing light covers, broken tiles or leaky faucets.

Along with making small fixes, you also want to do a spring cleaning like you may have never done before. All surfaces should be dusted, and every inch of the house should be scrubbed. When people come through the home you don't want them to find any reason to doubt your housecleaning capabilities or habits. If they start to feel as if any areas of the home were neglected, then they can start to imagine problems popping up after they are living in the house.

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