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Do You Like Privacy? Find Features In Homes For Sale That Provide It Freely

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When you have saved enough money to become a homeowner, you may start to think about all the features that you would like to have in a home. Analyzing the basic features is something that you need to handle, but then you can start working on your personal preferences. For instance, you may prefer a lot of privacy where you live, so it makes sense to prioritize this feature.

Large Trees

The first thing that can help you with achieving maximum privacy is having large trees on your property. Not only can a large tree trunk prevent people from being able to see inside, you will find that low branches are also able to have an impact on your privacy. Tall and wide trees are even more effective in multi-story homes because it is easier for the trees to block the windows.


Another way that you can get privacy is by focusing on multi-story homes for the basement and second story. In a basement, you may have windows that provide some lighting, but most pedestrians and neighbors will not be able to see inside. This way, when you spend time in the basement, you can feel confident about your privacy and noise will be less of an issue.


If you start looking at condos and townhomes, you will be sacrificing a decent amount of privacy. So, you want to prioritize single-family homes because it will give you considerable distance between your neighbors. To put yourself in an ideal situation, you may want to look at neighborhoods where the houses are spread far apart so that you are not close to your neighbors.

Some neighborhoods have sidewalks in front of each property, which means you should expect to see pedestrians on a regular basis. But, you can prevent pedestrians from passing by your home by looking for properties that do not have sidewalks on the street or in the neighborhood.


A solid fence in your front yard and backyard can also provide you with a lot of privacy. This way, even if you someone walks by the front of your house, they will not get a good look inside. If your backyard looks at other properties in the neighborhood, you will appreciate having a fence. A six-foot solid fence will keep your neighbors from looking into your backyard and house.

Shopping for properties with these features in mind will help you get the privacy that you desire. Contact an agency, like Chris Calhoon Real Estate, for more help.