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3 Tips For Saving Money On The Purchase Of A Golf Course Home

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The thought of endless days spent on the lush greens of a beautiful golf course is the retirement dream for many Americans today. But golf course homes are far less plentiful than other types of residential housing, causing them to be more expensive to purchase. If you would like to pursue your dream of purchasing a home on a golf course but you're worried about the potential cost, the following tips may help you save a significant amount on the purchase price while still making your dream come true. 

Look to purchase a home on a smaller golf course

The first way to enjoy the best possible price when purchasing a golf course home is planning to buy on a smaller, less well-known course, instead of a larger more popular one. Smaller cities and towns where residential housing costs are typically lower across the board often have country clubs with perfectly playable golf courses. Choosing this type of location may allow you to purchase a golf course home at a much lower price than one in a more heavily populated area.

Consider choosing a golf course home on an outer tier of the development

When housing developments are built using a golf course for a centerpiece, the homes that are located closest to the course are considered the choicest properties, making them the most expensive to purchase. Prospective purchasers may be able to save a considerable amount of money by opting to choose a home that is located one or more tiers away from the course. In addition to saving money on the purchase, opting to purchase a home that does not directly border the course may also offer the benefit of more privacy and better access. 

Look for any special deals that may be available

If the golf course development you are considering is a new one being built or an existing one that is being expanded, the builder may have a spec home available for purchase. While purchasing a spec home will not offer the same opportunities for the buyer to choose finishes, details, and designs as a custom home would, the builder may be willing to take a discounted price in order to sell an existing spec or model home that is no longer needed. This can result in significant savings for the buyer looking for a great deal.

For more ways to experience savings when purchasing a golf course home, take time to discuss your budget and housing goals with your real estate professional before beginning to view homes. Their expertise can help you locate the best deal on a golf course home in the area in which you want to live.