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Tips For Holding A Successful Open House

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An open house is a common way of showcasing real estate properties for sale. A successful open house requires inputs both from the property owner and their real estate agent; it is not advisable to leave it all up to the agent. As a property owner, here are some of the things to do to make your open house a success:

Brighten the House

Ensure that your house is airy and bright on the material day. Ideally, the brightness should be managed by natural light, which means you need to open the blinds, window coverings, and drapes. You can also switch on all your light fixtures, as long as they don't cause glare. This helps because bright rooms appear cleaner, roomier and more welcoming than darker rooms.

Ensure There Is Adequate Parking

You want to attract as many people as possible to your open house. This means you need adequate parking space so everything that may prevent parking in your yard needs to go. In fact, it would even be best if you could find temporary parking for your own cars if they are occupying valuable parking space in the yard. You don't want a potential buyer to turn away at the gate just because they can't see where to park.

Be Cheerful

You are responsible for setting the mood in the open house; you can either let it be dreary and soulful or you can make it upbeat and cheerful. If you can't even be cheerful in your house, then how do you expect the visitors to be? Obviously, the latter option will help your sales prospects more than the former. Therefore, make it a point to appear upbeat and welcome every visitor with a cheerful smile.

Offer Some Refreshments

Refreshments are always welcomed, or even expected, during open houses. The level or nature of the refreshment should be in line with your budget; in most cases, this also depends on the value of the property you are selling. However, at the very least, your prospective buyers shouldn't leave without at least getting a drink.

Ask for Feedback

Ideally, you should ask every buyer what they think of the house before they leave your house. This is the best way to get feedback for the house, which is useful whether the open house is instantly successful or not. The feedback may also help you prepare for other open houses later on.

Note that you don't have to get an offer during the actual open house for it to be successful. In many cases, even interested buyers have to go back and talk about the property with their families or evaluate what they saw before making an offer.