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Tips For Buying A Home As A Surprise For An Elderly Parent

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If you have a parent who lives alone and rents, rather than owns his or her own property, you might have a goal of one day being able to buy this loved one his or her own home. By working hard to save money, and speaking to a real estate agent to get advice on how to proceed, you'll eventually be ready to give this gift. You might like the idea of buying the home and presenting it to your parent as a surprise. Should you choose to take this route, there are several things that you'll need to consider in advance. Here are some tips.

Ask Questions

Without giving anything away, it's important to ask questions of your parent about where he or she would live if it were possible to buy a house. Perhaps your parent is fed up with renting but doesn't have the finances to buy on his or her own. Ideally, you'll hear that your parent wants something that suits your price range. Maybe he or she wants a small bungalow with a backyard just big enough for gardening, or maybe your parent likes the idea of a unit in a small townhome or condo. You can then use this information to influence your decision.

Keep Other Considerations In Mind

You'll ideally know your parent well, so as you shop for a house to buy him or her as a surprise, you should keep several points in mind. Think of where your parent usually travels — for example, it could be to a certain supermarket, the doctor's office, and to visit friends. You should look for a house within this general area. Think about other neighborhood-related considerations. If your parent has a dog that he or she enjoys walking, buying near a park is handy.

Choose A Fun Way To Give This Gift

Once you've bought the house, it can be really fun to think of a way that you'll present the house to your parent. A simple way is to prepare a "new home" greeting card, but not have your parent open it just yet. Drive your parent, perhaps with a blindfold, to the house and lead him or her inside. You can have one of the rooms filled with balloons and other congratulatory decorations. Remove the blindfold, ask your parent to read the greeting card, and then be prepared for a highly emotional moment with your loved one.