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Points To Emphasize When A Seller Won't Heed Your Expert Advice

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Among the challenges that you can occasionally face as a real estate agent is clients failing to heed your advice. Even though you're the expert, your clients always have the prerogative to make the final call, whether it's to not accept an offer from a prospective buyer or to list their home at a specific dollar value. Such scenarios can potentially be contentious, but it's important for you to avoid feeling offended. Instead, you should calmly explain to your clients what could happen in the situation at hand. Here are some potential outcomes when a seller, in particular, isn't taking your advice.

It May Take A Long Time To Sell

One of the areas that sellers and their listing agents can experience disagreements is the listing price of the home. As the agent, you'll research the market so that you can suggest a reasonable listing price. In some cases, sellers will feel as though their home is worth more, and will want to list the property higher. In another scenario, you may advocate making a change to the color of the walls or the type of flooring — and the seller may push back by saying that he or she likes the way the house currently is. In each scenario, failing to listen to you could result in it taking longer to sell the house.

Every Step Will Be Drawn Out

Another potential consequence that can occur when a seller doesn't heed your expert advice is that the entire process of selling the house will take longer. For example, if you recommend a staging professional to change the look of the living room and master bedroom, but the seller declines, you'll have to wait while the seller does his or her own work. If the seller doesn't want to hold an open house when you want to, you'll need to go back and forth to choose a suitable time.

He/She May Be Unsatisfied

As a real estate professional, your biggest priority is the satisfaction of your clients. When your client isn't agreeing with you, the entire process of selling the home can be unsatisfying and more difficult than it has to be. You may wish to caution your client about this topic. This doesn't mean that he or she needs to always side with you, but it's important for the client to remember that you're always looking out for his or her best interests, and that you're an experienced professional who is only making informed decisions.