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The Advantages and Disadvantags of Building a Custom Home

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When you are in the process of buying a house, there are several options available to you. You can choose to buy an existing house in livable conditions, purchase a house with the intention of remodeling it or build a custom house. There are benefits to each choice. It really comes down to the amount of money and work you want to put into the house once it's yours. Many people enjoy the luxury of designing their own dream home so they opt for the custom house option. This guide goes over the advantages and disadvantages of building a custom house.



Since the house is brand new, there will be little to no maintenance required right away. Older homes that have been lived in previously may have many issues – some that aren't even apparent until you've purchased the house. The costs to keep it properly maintenanced can get expensive depending on what repairs are needed.


Custom home builders typically include a warranty with the purchase of the home. The number of years and conditions for the warranty varies depending on which company you. However, it is nice to know that if repairs are needed within that timeframe, you won't be paying for them out of pocket.  



The cost of a custom house is usually higher than purchasing existing structures. There are a lot of costs that you might not realize are associated with building a custom home. If the land doesn't have electricity, you need to pay for the electrical company to run power to the home. Same thing with telephones and cable. Rural areas will need wells and septic systems for the property. 


Even with smaller structures, there is a lengthy building process. If you are ready to move into a home immediately, a custom home might not be the way to go. The process can be slowed down by inclement weather and other obstacles once the construction starts, which may delay things even more. The custom home company will try to stick with the original deadline as close as possible but sometimes it is impossible.

If you decide that a custom home is the way to go, you should contact local custom home builders and get a quote for the project. Many of them will give a free quote and show you some options of the models they have available.