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Avoid Criticisms When Showing Your Place

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One of the hard parts of selling your home is sitting back and listening to all of the criticisms people have about the home when they come to see it. If you are like most home owners, you have a sense of pride about your home and you have put your heart into it. Therefore, you won't like it when people come in and nitpick it. However, buyers do this because they are trying to ensure they end up with the place that is the best fit for them and as a tactic to set the stage for a lower offer. Here are some things you can do that will help cut down on some of that criticism:

Replace any missing fixtures – If you have any missing fixtures around the house then you should go ahead and have them replaced. Otherwise, buyers may target the missing fixtures as a sign that the house has been a bit neglected. Since replacing fixtures is such a simple thing to do, it really should be taken care of before your home is shown to anyone. Some examples of these fixtures include ceiling fan pulls, light switch covers, blind pulls, panel covers or anything else you know is missing around the house.

Have the HVAC system working the way it should – Since your HVAC system may be something that you don't use on a constant basis, you can easily keep it out of your mind that it is in need of repairs. However, buyers will more than likely zone in on an HVAC system that has issues wrong with it. You can fend off that criticism by having someone come out to repair the system before your home is being shown.

Prepack and store boxes at another location – When you are packing your home there will be a messiness that naturally comes with the process. This is not a good look when you are having people come through the home, even though it is one that is expected. However, you can pack as much as possible ahead of time and store it at an off-site storage facility, so you can show a home free of clutter and moving mess.

Remove bad smells – If someone looking at your home comes in and smells a foul odor, you can be sure that there is a good chance of them speaking up. Bad odors can be worrisome for those thinking of buying the home. There is the worry that those odors come with some major problems. This is why it's very important to rid your home of any odors before anyone comes to see it.

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